Premium and Generic domains

Posted On September 15, 2008

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Did you appreciate there are way over 200 million dot com empire names registered? If you throw in inside the others, equivalent to dot world wide web, dot org, dot information in addition to others, that volume is nearly twofold. Consequently I pray you make out the significance of the empire cite you want because your cyber web web page. At times a empire refer could style or crush the accomplishment of a problem. The charge of domains are hence outstanding there are finalize businesses on the internet launched just about the procuring in addition to advertising of realm names. Domains would customarily engagement secret into three groups with we’ll look into each of each other inside somewhat plenty depth.

Premium and Generic Domains

Generic empire names may well be fairly dear, foremost as there are thus few disappeared. A generic empire state is from time to time named given that a ‘type inside traffic’ territory quote. The purpose is since it’s commonly a term citizenry form inside whilst looking for an article or figures, as an instance, chocolate, or sofa, or arthritis. Those names, in addition to variegated names resembling each other, labor under been protracted departed.

The fame of generic domains is, inside share, because of their flexibility with aptitude to bid to a a lot of wider purchaser base. It’s nearly impracticable to obtain single at the present time, also an expired only. There are firms surf the net whose problem it is to stock a within reach eye on expiring domains. Their automatic guidelines furthermore continued technology enable one another to photograph conscious generic domains sooner than various of the municipal forever gets a prospect to ascertain one another.
Top class domains

The expression top class realm refers to domains as acquisition that are pricey tastefulness names with are regularly simply existing done the secondary kingdom broadcast. These names are thinking monetary resource, given that prices with solicited maintain to get up bit grade dot com names change into also rarer.

Best empire names are pointed out as their pleasing marketability in addition to their branding disposition. The greatest will taste merely a number of characters or hold a precious keyword or a style cite. They’re frequently imagined to suffer an bullying refinement past, costly business, along with big numbers of distinctive invitees.
Domain Industry

The empire industry is surfacing at explosive tariffs, and extra 500 million territory names extrapolated to engagement reason indoor one more decade. You would grow to be a neighborhood of the territory industry by bonding a territory investors confederation, or via the services of a empire point out brokering firm.

There are territory seminars you might attend, to exchange information plus proposal plus different ‘domainers.’ The destiny of the territory industry is entirely promising also below the precise incidents will surely persuade engagement hugely lucrative because those along furthermore the prescience to invest inside the true names.

As added with plenty men enter the browse cyberspace real world given that the primarily occasion, in addition to a life span of youngsters raised on computers get older plenty to troth curious inside fashioning proceeds browse cyberspace, the empire industry is heading in the right direction to engagement a vastly profitable problem given that scores of existence to come.


Stop Me Before I Domain Again

Posted On July 19, 2007

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They appear to be average American women. They meet in parenting
chat rooms and discussion lists to exchange photos of their
kids, cheer on each other’s pregnancies and occasionally complain
about their husbands’ snoring. They swap recipes and advice on
schools and diets. They seem normal in every way.

But these women share an obsession – a dark secret that their
offline friends may not understand.

‘Stop me before I domain again,’ jokes Nita Jackson of < >.

These all-American women are also webmasters; entrepreneurs who
feel a rose by any other name should get registered before
someone else snaps it up.

‘Every word or name that you hear, you wonder if it is taken as
a or,’ says Wendy Shepherd of
< >. ‘I dream about new domains at
night, and am always looking at something and wondering if it is
a domain name yet.’

According to NetNames, there are over 22 million dot-com names
registered around the world with ICANN estimating that 21,000
new domains (of all kinds) registered weekly. If you’ve ever had
a problem getting the name of your choice, this is a factor.

‘Our company owns about 150 domains right now,’ says Nancy Price
of Myria Media < >. ‘To one degree or
another, about 30 are in use right now. The others are saved for
future development, to protect our trademarks and/or
intellectual property (such as, variations of the names of our
main sites) and also some generic terms.’

Like Price, most of the women buy names for their business use.
Surprisingly few of them collect domains with the idea of
selling them later.

‘The second I bought my first domain, I fell in love. Ever
since, I change projects about twice a year,’ says Amy Fleeman
of < >. Amy has
made a little bit of money selling domains she owns, but is
picky about who she sells to. ‘I tend to sell cheaper than I
should because I want them to go to ‘good homes,’ (ie other
webmasters I know do good work vs some stranger on eBay).’

‘I get ideas, buy the domains, and actually put them together
from start to finish. I design the pages, the graphics, install
the CGI, advertise, get content… Then once everything is in
place, I get the fever to do a new one. So I sell the old one
and go at it again! I usually have several projects going on at
once. So, I guess I’m not as addicted to registering the names
as I am building the actual community from ground up.’

If domain buying is ever officially classified as an addiction,
Shelley Pietras would qualify for treatment. As owner of < >,
Pietras can feed her habit with ease. In the course of one
month, Pietras has tripled the number of names in her collection
to ‘an even 90.’ She says ‘Four are in use right now, and the
rest – Well, we do plan to use them, sell them, give them away
as gifts.’

‘Each domain that was registered came from an actual business
idea. When the idea hit, the domain was registered. Whether or
not all these ideas will ever be put into action remains to be
seen, but at least we’ve got the first step out of the way!’

Nita Jackson also feeds her habit by being a registrar < >. Like Price, she started buying
names that were related to her site,, because
she did not want competitors getting them first. She spends
about $500 each year on a total of 16 domains (two of which are
actually operating as websites).

‘I plan to develop the rest and work my fingers to the bone,’
she says.

With so many names already registered, finding a good one these
days is hard. Price offers this advice:

“Take your time coming up with a good name. You should probably
check to see that it’s not a trademarked term. Then, when you go
to register the domain, also buy the common variations
(hyphenated, pluralized, etc.). Finally, don’t talk to anyone
about your plans until you have the domain name on record!”

Register Domain Names One Year At A Time!

Posted On July 19, 2007

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I first heard about this money saving news from a press release
that wound up in my inbox. I haven’t heard it posted anywhere
else so I decided to do a little digging on my own, and do what
I can to spread the good news.

Effective January 15, 2000, the restriction of registering
domain names for two years at a time has been lifted. You can
now register domain names from one to ten years, in one year
increments, up to a maximum of ten years. The following text is
taken directly from the ICANN NSI-Registrar License and
Agreement, located at:

2.3. New Architectural Features. NSI will use its best
commercial efforts to develop and implement two additional
modifications to the Licensed Product by January 15, 2000 as

2.3.1. NSI will issue an upgrade to the Licensed Product that
will enable a Registrar to accept initial domain name
registrations or renewals of a minimum of one year in length, or
in multiples of one year increments.

2.3.2. NSI will issue an upgrade to the Licensed Product that
will enable registrars to accept the addition of one additional
year to a registrant’s “current” registration period when a
registrant changes from one registrar to another.

In no event shall the total unexpired term of a registration
exceed ten (10) years.

So there you have it folks, right from ICANN themselves. If you
have a lot of domain names – like me – you may want to keep them
reserved one a year at a time, to keep your costs down. Or, if
you have a company name not likely to be sold in the future, you
can register it for 10 years at a big savings off of the regular

After digging and digging around, at several ICANN accredited
registrars, I was hard pressed to find even one that allowed
anything but the old two year registrations. I did finally find
one Canadian company that does one to ten year registrations
(partnered with Melbourne IT an ICANN accredited registrar). The
fact that they have a shopping cart to allow multiple
registrations and a real time database is just the icing on the

With 21 domain names to register, I’m happy to say that I saved
over $600 US by being able to register them for a single year,
instead of two, and I submitted them all with a single mouse

Confessions of a Domain Name Junky

Posted On July 19, 2007

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by Kathy Burns-Millyard

For some reason, I love domain names. I think it’s tied tightly to the
creative side of me… I sometimes seem to come up with ideas like
there’s no tomorrow. And where there’s an idea, there’s a great domain
name to go with it. Sometimes a really great domain is what inspires
the idea itself.

Some of the things I’ve come up with over the years included: – A Palm Pilot software site of course – This was going to be an ebook review site – Home office software and resources

I actually had a whole “files” theme going at one point: pocketfiles,
pdafiles, softwarefiles… heck I don’t even remember all of them now.

There’s only so much time in a day though, and over the years I’ve
forced myself to bypass hundreds of fantastic domains because I didn’t
have the time for them. You see, each time I’d give in to an impulse
and register a great one, I’d then make myself justify that purchase.
And justifying it meant I had to develop it, and make it earn its keep
in my overall business strategy.

There’ve been times I’ve juggled 10+ developed domains all at once. As
you might have guessed… this can cause a huge bottleneck. Dividing
your time and attention between too many things causes all of them to
be mediocre at best.

Recently though, I discovered a way to indulge my domain name
passion… exercise my creativity without having to update multiple
sites every single day… and make money from them too – all while
barely lifting a finger.

I joined a service called Expired Domains. This service keeps you up
to date on all of the domains that expire every single day. Using
their tools, you can research these domains, and find some real gems.
Not just creative ones either – but domains that have hundreds
(sometimes thousands) of links to them from other sites across the
web. Since the links are already in place, I don’t have to spend time
promoting the new domain and bringing traffic to it. That solves one
of the biggest problems you run into when registering a new domain.

The second problem was continuous updates. If I followed my previous
pattern, I’d be trying to develop all these new domains and completely
defeat my purpose quickly because I wouldn’t have time for them. So
instead, I simply put up a search engine. Actually I don’t even do
that – I point the new domain to my existing search engine. This isn’t
what you’d consider a standard search engine though… because I earn
money every time a visitor clicks a search listing.

Now I do have to admit that sometimes I’m sorely tempted. I’ll find a
really cool domain that immediately triggers a wonderful website idea
and I have to force myself to not act on that. Much as I enjoy making
great websites though, my goal this time around is to build up a solid
hands free income stream. So, no matter how good the domain is, or how
much traffic it’s getting… I don’t allow myself to develop them. The
closest I’ll come is pointing an occasional domain to one of my
developed sites. Only if the domain has enough links, and/or it
matches my target market somehow. Otherwise, it gets pointed to the
search engine like all the rest.

Using this system I can now indulge my domain name passion without
guilt, and build my long term income too.

Resources mentioned in this article:
Expired Traffic:
PPC Income:

© 2004, Kathy Burns-Millyard. All Rights Reserved.

The secret of picking the right domain name

Posted On July 19, 2007

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Not that long ago, you could run an internet business without
domain name. Not anymore. is a
guarantee to fail.

This little article tells you how to pick the traffic generating
domain name for your business. I assume you already know the
advantages of having a domain name: professionalism, traffic
trough search engines and directories, added value and so on.
Every domain registrar will tell you why you need a domain name.
But no one tells you exactly how to find it. Read on to find out.

Basically, there are three types of domain names:

1) Domain name is equal to your company name, like
or Pretty good choices if you either have a
well-known company either have the marketing budget to make it

2) Domain name consists of popular keywords relevant to your
business such as These can
drive traffic to your site because of two reasons: search
engines attach some weight to the domain name, and surfers will
remember the name because of the connection between the name and
the business it stands for.

3) Bad domain names: all others. Why on earth would you choose a
name that nobody knows, nobody remembers and does not drive
traffic to your site?

For the rest of the article, I assume you don’t have a
well-known company or a big budget, but you still want a good
domain name. The logical choice would be to choose a
keyword-laden name.

I hear you yelling: “Okay, okay, I want a name. But keep it
short”. So I’ll offer you a seven-step plan. Here it is: 1)
Perform a keyword analysis. First list all words that are
relevant to your business. Now pick all those words that you
think people use to find you in a search engine. Rank these
keywords in order of popularity. You can use the keyword
research tool at to estimate popularity.

2) Pick your two or three main keywords. For each one, write
down synonyms or almost-synonyms. For example: if your keyword
is “car” you could add to this list: auto, automobile, autos,
cars, van, truck, vehicle, wagon,…

3) Combine the words in the lists to make candidate domain
names. From the first list, take the first word and combine it
with the first word from the second list and the first word from
the third list.

4) You can also have a list with prefixes like i, e, www,
b2b,… or suffixes like 4me, forsale, and so on. You can
combine these with all keywords.

5) Decide whether to use hyphens or not. A simple rule: “use
hyphens whenever you suspect people will type in your keywords
in one search term”. For example, “” is better
than “” because people won’t remember the
hyphen. But “” is better than
“” because approximately 15000 people use
exactly these three words as search term each month and the
domain with hyphens is likely to show up higher in the search

6) Decide on your top-level domain like .com, .org or .net. A
very simple rule of thumb: use .com unless you have very good
reasons not to. The fact that the .com is already taken is *not*
a good reason.

7) Rank the domain names in order of attractiveness, verify
whether they already exist with a whois tool, and register the
best one.

I can assure you, steps 3 to 7 are necessary but not quite what
*I* consider fun. I wrote a small program to do this for me. On
its first launch, I found the domain name “domain-name-tool”,
registered it and build a site. You can download the
domain-name-tool at It’s
freeware. I mean “real” freeware.

Welcome to NameBeta

Posted On February 10, 2007

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Welcome to Namebeta for the Domain name news and other info.